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An Instrument for Change

Magic Instruments is passionate about turning everyone on to playing music.

Music is magic. It can speak without words. Create connections between strangers. And unleash deep emotions in a few simple notes. All throughout history, people have made music together. Whether with rudimentary instruments, or the most technologically advanced, we gathered to tell stories, to share feelings, ideas, and wisdom — in the moment, and across generations.

This musical exchange is our shared heritage. But music-making is segregated, between those who create, and those who consume. Leaving so many of us without important tools for self-expression and connection. Magic Instruments believes it’s time to gain our confidence, and tap back into the pure joy of musical expression.

We invite you, and everyone, to play along.


Follow along with our journey! You can support us by pre-ordering a guitar here: https://magicinstruments.com/products/mi-guitar or by investing in our company here: www.wefunder.com/magicinstruments


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