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Campaign Update #5

Hi Everyone!

We’ve got a huge update on product and company news. To summarize:

  • Traditional Guitar Mode is working! (video)
  • New and improved website
  • Raised $1.9 million from investors
First, we asked in our last update,“What if we added a ‘traditional guitar mode’ so you can play traditional chord fingerings in addition to MI Guitar's one touch chords?” We got an overwhelming positive response that absolutely floored us. So without further ado here is what we call Traditional Guitar Mode!

If you have any friends waiting on the sidelines for the Traditional Mode, please share this video with them!

Which brings us to our next announcement - our updated website. As you might have noticed, our Indiegogo page looks different - we have finished taking pre-orders on Indiegogo, and moved things over to our own website. There, we will continue to collect pre-orders and better serve our current and future customers as our company grows. Please take a look and share with your friends by going to magicinstruments.com.

We will continue to post updates on Indiegogo, as well as on our website. Any pre-orders collected on our website will be delivered AFTER fulfilling all U.S. orders from our Indiegogo backers. For international backers, we’re are still working through customs, taxes, import tariffs and the best shipping, in terms of rates and speed. We will update you as we have more to share.

Speaking of growth in the company, we raised $1.9 million from angel investors and venture capitalists to accelerate our progress in achieving our mission to enable anyone to be play music. Some of our notable investors include Y Combinator, Yunqi Partners, Highway1/PCH, Ammunition Group, Matt Bellamy Singer/Guitarist of Muse, Randi Zuckerberg, CEO & Founder of Zuckerberg Media, and Aston Motes, the 1st employee of Dropbox.

Rock on!

Magic Instruments


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