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Magic Instruments at CES

It’s been 50 years since the first US Consumer Electronics Show in New York City, with just 14 exhibitors and 17,500 attendees. This year at least 170,000 people were expected to attend, with more than 3,800 companies displaying showing their products. We were just a tiny 10’ x 10’ booth in the Sands Expo Centre, but that didn’t matter, we sang till voices gave out and demonstrated the guitar to over 400 people.

We attended CES in Las Vegas with the main objective to meet potential distributors and retailers. We had multiple buyers that represent some of the biggest brick and mortar retailers in the world try the MI Guitar. The result? They were floored by how quickly they were playing their first song and suggested that we should be selling it for $499 once we are in retail! That being said, we are 100% committed on fulfilling our backers and pre-orders before a single guitar goes on a retail shelf.

Here is just a taste of what people experienced at CES. We can't wait to ship your guitars to you!


People demoing the MI Guitar at CES

People demoing the MI Guitar at CES

People demoing the MI Guitar at CES

People demoing the MI Guitar at CES

People demoing the MI Guitar at CES


First rocker playing some "Let It Be" - The Beatles with Magic Mode

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"Hey Jude" - The Beatles using Magic Mode

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"99 Red Balloons" - Nena using Magic Mode

Players putting the MI Guitar through it's paces in Traditional Mode.


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"I was introduced to the MI Guitar at CES. To be honest, the concept sold itself, but you sealed the deal. You took the time to walk me through the experience and explain the why and how you developed the product. You also have a terrific grasp of your target audience and their needs (empathy.) When asked, "what was the coolest thing you saw at CES?" The response is the MI Guitar. Okay... it was Micheal Phelps and Aisha Tyler!" - Jeff W.

Thanks Jeff! Here is one that touched our hearts:

"I had a great experience with it at CES. In the few minutes you all sat me down I felt like I actually learned something. My brother passed over 8 years ago and I have had his acoustic guitar since then, but have never learned to play. I am highly technical with no musical talent. To be able to pick that up and learn something in just a few minutes is pretty amazing to me. I have tried to learn on my brother's guitar, but I find it difficult to learn how to hold the strings while trying to read the sheet music. The iPad app and easy use of your guitar was really nice. It felt very intuitive given that I'm more a techie. I am excited to learn to play and then to translate that into using my real guitar." - Alan W. 

From a non-guitar playing musician:

"Even though your product has nothing to do with my business (home theater installations), I like spending a half day or so at CES exploring the Eureka Park section of the show to see what new stuff people are creating. As a musician,  I was intrigued with your guitar and Brian showed me all (or a lot) of what it can do and I was sold. I would have bought it on the spot. As a non-guitar-playing musician, this will come in handy when I need to lay down rhythm guitar tracks and, as is often the case, I can't get any of my guitar playing friends to come over due to scheduling issues. I LOVE this thing and can't wait to put it to use!" - Michael M.


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