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Post Campaign Video Update #4

Hey Everyone,

We’ve got a special video update, it’s 7:43 minutes long and goes over the features we've been working on in the past month and how it works on the MI Guitar:

If you didn’t catch the question at the end, we’re asking our backers, “What if we added a ‘regular guitar mode’ so you can play traditional chord fingerings in addition to MI Guitar's one touch chords?” Be sure to watch the video and leave your feedback in the comments section of our Indiegogo page.

Also, if you’re local to San Francisco, CA we would love to invite you to try out our latest prototype and get your feedback. Please send us a note at support@magicinstruments.com to set up a time.

As for manufacturing, we are still on schedule for March 2017 delivery date and will notify you immediately if that schedule changes. Till then, we’ll keep posting monthly updates of our progress.

Last, but not least, I'd like to introduce you to Sven Pedersen, our latest bandmate to join Magic Instruments! Sven has a wide range of experience writing software. He recently built systems for royalties calculation and electronic distribution at a music label and has extensive personal projects related to handling music data. His prior experience includes a variety of other data processing for scientific research, solar power development, payment processing and analytics. He got his first real job at Cornell University and his first startup built a Linux handheld before Android. He loves to sing, play the djembe (hand drum) and eagerly awaits the ability to accompany himself on the Magic Instruments guitar.

Rock on,

Magic Instruments


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