9 Best Intermediate Electric Guitars In 2020

Best Intermediate Guitar Reviews

There are several reasons why you’re in the market looking for an intermediate electric guitar.  The most common rationales are, you need an upgrade from your beginner electric guitar or you’re already a skilled player, but you need a quality-built guitar to customize and make modifications without getting wild with your budget.  If this sounds … Read more

Best Travel Electric Guitars In 2020

Best Travel Electric Guitar Reviews

Guitars made for hardcore travel are a completely different market of their own.  Everything changes from the body shape to hardware placement that all affects overall sound and tone. Some travel guitars are more suited to hitting the road or being stowed away in an overhead cabin, and others retain some traditional features for comfort, … Read more

Best Electric Guitar For Small Hands In 2020

Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands Reviews

Are you an adult with smaller-than-average mitts?  Your hand size, arm span, and petite frame may be getting in the way of your playing style.  The diagnosis for your condition?  It’s not you, it’s the guitar.  You may be surprised, but not all full-scale guitars with “normal” body sizes fit all.  This may leave you … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Under $2000 (2020 Reviews)

best electric guitar under $2000

You have room to splurge on the absolute best the market has to offer.  It’s not quite enough for original and custom signature models, but you do have the best of everything else that A-class brands have to offer.  From custom-designed hardware and pickups to the highest grade tonewoods there are, you get to choose … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Under $1500 In 2020

Best Electric Guitar Under $1500 Reviews

With $1500, you’re finally in mid-level and premium range.  Collector’s items, signature guitar models, and high-end features are plenty.  If you’re perusing this market, it’s likely not your first-time buy and you’re not a beginner electric guitar player.  You should know what you want, how much you want to spend, and what sound you’re after.  … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Under $1000 In 2020

Best Electric Guitar Under $1000 Reviews

Are you looking for a studio worthy guitar?  Eager to get playing on stage with a ripped machine?  With $1000 to splurge, you have your pickings of the mid-range market with guitars that have premium features, the best build quality, and brand-name reputation behind them. There’s quite the variety of guitars in this lineup, so … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Under $300 – (2020 Reviews)

Best Electric Guitar Under 300

Are you having trouble deciding between a cheap electric guitar or pushing the budget a little more?  You’d be surprised with what $300 can get you.  It may be a notch above entry-level quality, but you’ll be happy to know there are brand name guitars in this price range.  As a beginner player, spending a … Read more

9 Best Electric Guitars Under $500 In 2020

Best Electric Guitar Under $500

Five hundred bucks is heck of a lot of money, but it’s really not far from entry-level quality in the guitar industry.  But, there are some popular gems from the best guitar brands that are serious about providing quality in this price range, even if it’s only in their base models.  Brands like Ibanez, Dean, … Read more

Best Cheap Electric Guitars 2020 [That Aren’t Junk]

Best Cheap Electric Guitar Reviews

Looking for a better-than-average beginner guitar?  Are there any real, cheap guitars that don’t suck?  Of course, there are! Since we define cheap only in price and not in quality, the guitars in this lineup average around $200 and are some of the best you’ll ever find designed for the working man’s budget. There will … Read more

Best Beginner Electric Guitars In 2020 [Our 12 Top Picks]

Best Beginner Electric Guitars

So, you’re ready to take on the master strokes of Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and other greats?  Hold your horses, buddy.  You must start from the beginning.  We know you’re itchin’ to get your groove on, but the guitar you choose will make a difference in your long-term motivation and dedication to … Read more