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If I learn this instrument, will I be able to play a traditional guitar?

Yes, absolutely. The MI Guitar now enables you to learn to play a traditional guitar.

Here is a 3 minute video of how we teach you with a new learning method:

How long does it take to play my first song?

We have tested the MI Guitar with over 1,500 people with varying musical skill levels from no musical talent to expert guitarists. In Magic Mode, we’ve seen it take from 30 seconds to five minutes for anyone to play their first song.

Don’t believe us? If you’re in San Francisco, CA we’d be more than happy to have you try one of our beta units, please drop us a note at letmeplay@magicinstruments.com.

So what’s the difference between you and Guitar Hero/Rock Band?

Guitar Hero™ and Rock Band™  are rhythm games based on clicking at the right time that requires a game console or mobile app. Magic Instruments is a standalone instrument that allows you to play your favorite songs instantly (in Magic Mode). The MI Guitar is just as easy and fun to play as Guitar Hero™ or Rock Band™, but you are actually making and playing real music, instead of playing a video game.

(Guitar Hero™ is a trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. and is not affiliated with Magic Instruments, Inc. in any way. Rock Band™ is a trademark of Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. and is not affiliated with Magic Instruments, Inc. in any way.)

So what’s the difference between you and the Yamaha EZ-AG, Jamstik, Fretlight, or gTar?

These products are learning guitars that help users learn to play the traditional guitar. Like these products, the MI Guitar also helps you to learn to play the traditional guitar. However, the MI Guitar is the only one that has Magic Mode, which enables you to play songs instantly (using one-touch magic chords), and a companion mobile app that gives you easy playing instructions to thousands of songs. This enables anyone, including people with no previous musical training, to be rocking out within a few minutes of picking up our instrument. None of the other products listed above enable people to rock out instantly.

How many songs will you have your mobile app’s song catalog?

We will have thousands of popular hit songs in the song catalog, licensed from leading music publishers offered in our mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Do I need to have a mobile device with your app to play the instrument?

No, the MI Guitar is a fully standalone instrument that you can take and play anywhere, without needing a mobile device or app. The MI Guitar generates its own guitar sounds, and has a built-in speaker to generate audio. The MI Guitar does not need to be paired or tethered to any other device to play.
People who learn to play the MI Guitar (in either Magic Mode or Traditional Mode) can create their own original music, play popular songs, or even improvise.

Our companion mobile app on iOS and Android provides additional functionality that augments the MI Guitar’s existing features, such as lyrics and chord playing instructions to popular songs.

Does the MI Guitar require batteries?

Yes, it takes 8 x AA batteries to power the guitar. We have found that the batteries typically last 3-6 hours, depending on how loud and fast you are playing. If you're near a standard power outlet , you can use the included power adapter that is included with the Guitar.

When will you collect pre-orders from people outside the United States?

Currently, we are only taking pre-orders from residents of the Contiguous United States (lower 48), once we are closer to shipping we will gradually expand our delivery zones. If you’d like to be notified when your country becomes available for shipping, please either like us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter here and please share your country.


Are there any plans to make a left handed version of the MI Guitar?

No, due to the cost of tooling large plastics parts we can only produce a right handed model for the initial launch. However, we can't ignore 10% of the population and so if you'd like express interest, please fill out this petition and share with your left handed friends: http://eepurl.com/cEnP-T the more emails we get, the more likely we will produce a left handed version.